Hello All! Now I realized I could tell you time after time what different spots are hot, and where to go, but then I realized that not everyone is necessarily from the same area as I. Therefore, I have decided to share one of my secrets. What is it? You may ask. I love a great bargain! Who doesn’t love eating food that’s worth $50 for only $15. ” Not I!”, said no one. Exactly, everyone loves a deal! When it comes to finding great bargains I look to Groupon. Time after time, I have dined at five star restaurants, as well as socialized at prestigious lounges, thanks to Groupon. Now this is not your regular “deals” website. Groupon can be personalized to your own interest and  they do not only necessarily only apply to food, as you will find out when you sign up. Signing up is quick and easy. They do not force you to fill out an extensive registration form, or bombard you with pages and pages of irrelevant information.  All you have to do is enter your email and password, and enter what area you reside in and instantly an extensive list of deals in your area will be supplied at your demand. This website is absolutely amazing! The only thing you need to be conscious of is that Groupon’s do expire. This mean’s for example if you buy a groupon that provides you with $50 of food, while you only pay $15, and it expires on September 26,2013, after September 26 you will still have $15 towards the restaurant, however it may no longer be worth $50 of food. But don’t be alarmed, they usually give you AT LEAST six months, and that’s the least. Lastly, Groupon is EXTREMELY addictive. So browse carefully, or you will find yourself flying to Miami to eat a five star meal and booking a five star hotel room for only $60. (This may or may not have happened to me).  Well that’s my insider scoop for Thirsty Thursday. Sign up and enjoy!     Signing out, Raro Lae

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