22 Ways To Support A Friend With Breast Cancer

Photo Credit: Google
Photo Credit: Google

Seeing a friend who has breast cancer in need of help?  Here are some ways to support a friend with breast cancer:

  1. Learn to Listen
  2. Be a note taker and advocate
  3.  Follow his or her breast cancer page
  4. Read a breast cancer blog
  5. Communicate with breast cancer survivor’s stories
  6. Become a email pen-pal
  7. Create a best care package
  8. Make a silly cake
  9. Distract your friend with little surprises
  10. Help your friend to understand that they do need help
  11. Leave a up lifting message; voicemail
  12. Ask them what foods they can eat before bring them food
  13.  Buy groceries
  14. Help make life normal for their kids(if they have kids)
  15. Throw a hair cutting party
  16.  Give your friend an open invite to any special events
  17. Pamper your friend with attention
  18. Send a lot of greeting cards
  19. Make sure your gifts are strings free
  20. Don’t tell them how to feel
  21. Check in and see how your friend feels
  22. Join them to find the cure
Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google

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