5 Makeup Felonies Every Girl NEEDS To Leave In 2015!

Beauty became a huge part of social media this year, as millions of young girls around the world joined the trend of becoming makeup enthusiasts, bloggers and artists. Despite the surge of makeup lovers surfacing the Internet, many females still do not understand the art of applying nice, attractive makeup on their faces.

With hundreds of makeup felonies to eradicate before 2016, there is a huge need to plead with women to put a stop to tacky makeup. Some of these offenses include


  1. Using excessively light eyebrow concealer

The purpose of an eyebrow concealer is to emphasize the shape of your brow, and give it a neatly finished look. However, many women fail to apply the correct concealer shade below their brows. Instead, they opt for concealers that are five shades lighter than their actual skin color.


In that case, always purchase eyebrow concealer that has a shade similar to your skin tone.


  1. Wearing thick, false lashes

Every girl loves false lashes, but going for overly thick ones just makes you look like you have spiders hanging over your eyes. Ditch this messy trend and opt for classy and relatively thin lashes instead, to make your face appear more presentable.




  1. Not blending foundation well enough

A foundation can be a lifesaver, but not blending it well enough can be nothing but a nightmare. To avoid this felony, shop for the right tools to get your face looking intact.

A latex wedge is an ideal tool for blending your foundation well, as you can easily dilute colors with a few swipes. If you don’t have one of these, simply purchase some good brushes from representable stores like MAC or Sonia Kashuk.



  1. Overbronzing

2016 is certainly the year to let go of overbronzing! This art has beleaguered us for many years now, and the worst part is, lots of women believe it looks good.

Yes, we all want to look tan and shiny, but when your face ends up looking dirty, too shimmery or plain old tacky, then there’s definitely a problem.

Reduce the amount of bronzer you apply on your face by adding a small or reasonable amount to the areas that may need a little reviving, and allow the rest of your skin appear more natural and moist.

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  1. Too much blush

Over application of blush is a crime that must end with 2015, because it’s a total disaster when your cheeks look like they have two red apples placed on them. Avoid our final makeup felony by limiting the amount of blush you apply on your cheeks. Most importantly, don’t forget to blend it with a suitable brush until the shade mixes with your skin; this would leave your face looking more natural, not flustered.



Good luck, and don’t forget to beautify your face the right way next year!

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