5 Ways To Exercise Without Going To The Gym!


Many people hate the idea of an intense workout at the gym, and that is why they often feel discouraged whenever it’s time to exercise. You don’t have to go to a gym to shed some weight or stay fit – there are many other ways to exercise and have fun while doing it, even in the comfort of your own home!

  1. Dance:

Dancing is probably the most fun and exciting way to lose weight, because it usually involves movement of the whole body. Virtually every kind of dance can be used as a form of exercise; ballet, waltz, salsa or hip-hop. Dancing and exercising is the ideal combination because you’re getting the best of both worlds: enjoyment and bodybuilding.

Turn up the volume of your favorite songs and dance to them for at least 30-40 minutes everyday. Bring your friends over if you want more people to join in on the fun. Better still, endeavor to go clubbing or to a party whenever you have the chance to. A lot of jumping, turning, and body movement are sure to help you lose some weight and tone up your hands and legs.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not a good dancer. Check out some energizing choreography videos online and learn the dance as they teach.


  1. Always use the stairs instead of an elevator

Elevators are in 8 out of 10 buildings you find yourself in, but so are staircases. Whether you’re at work, or in school, or at an event, always ditch the satisfaction of lazing about in an elevator, and walk up or down the staircase instead. You might get so used to climbing the stairs that it would become a strong part of your daily activities. That’s toned legs ticked off your list!


  1. Swim

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports there is. While having a fun time in the water, you’re also helping yourself stay fit and healthy. Swimming techniques such as breaststroke or butterfly involve continuous movement of the hands and legs, which serves as a great way to shed weight and strengthen your muscles. Find suitable clubs to join, and make sure you spend at least one day every week at the pool!


  1. Cook

Cooking can be stressful, but it’s indirectly a fun way to exercise too. Look through your most extensive cookbook and find a dish that will involve a lot of cutting, stirring, chopping, slicing and pounding! Also, make sure whatever you’re cooking lets you walk around the kitchen to pick and drop items. All these hand movements are possible ways to help you exercise your muscles and get rid of flabby arms.


  1. Engage in house chores

We all have chores to do. As tedious as they can be, house chores serve as a perfect way to burn calories and lose weight. Spend some time everyday tackling some chores and be sure to do them energetically. Ideal chores for a great exercise session include washing your car, raking leaves, rearranging furniture, cleaning surfaces, sweeping and mopping. To make the routine less boring, plug in some headphones and enjoy your favourite music while you’re at it.



Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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