9 Simple Ways To Completely Remove Dark Circles 

One of the major causes of dark circles is heredity. You are most likely to develop dark circles if your parents also suffer from the same. It happens because your family might have a tendency of having a thin skin layer around the eyes or having more blood vessels than the average lot. Or, both the cases can be present. This leads to awfully bad dark circles.
2. Broken Blood Vessels:
If the blood vessels which supply blood underneath the eyes ruptures, it leads to limited blood supply. When the haemoglobin (oxygen carrying molecule) level within the blood is reduced, the result is skin darkening.
3. Anemia:

Iron deficiency often lead to shortage of oxygenated blood which further aggravates dark circles. Anemia results in improper blood supply. Therefore, the capillaries under the eyes supply insufficient oxygen. Yet, dark circles alone do not signify that a person is suffering from anemia. There might be other reasons involved as well.
4. Hyperpigmentation:
Periorbital hyperpigmentation is a condition in which the production of melanin around the eyes is more active than average, thus resulting in dark circles.

5. Nutritional Causes:
Not having a proper, balanced diet could be a major cause of dark circles. Deficiency in some nutrients like iron and Vitamin E can lead to dark circles. Moreover, the type of medications that dilate blood vessels and make them more apparent cause the emergence of dark circles.
6. Allergies:
Allergies such as hay fever, dust allergy and mild allergy not only cause itchy eyes, but can also cause skin discolouration that appears as dark circles under the eyes. Some allergies can be treated with medicines, but most drugs often cause dehydration which may cure the itching but may leave you with dark circles around the eyes.
7. Dehydration:
Dehydration also leads to the emergence of dark circles. Dehydration symptoms include a dry mouth, dry skin, fatigue, dark coloured urine and, of course, dark circles. In mild cases, drinking electrolyte-rich beverages and adequate consumption of sodium might solve the problem. But if the dehydration is more severe, you may need medical attention.

  1. 8. Smoking: a 

Smoking leads to vascular problems constricting the blood vessels. This leads to poor circulation of blood, which makes the under eye darkness more prominent.
9. Lack Of Sleep:
While it may not be the major cause of dark circles, lack of sleep can lead to stress and other health related problems, creating a paler, fatigued skin which creates hollows under the eyes and makes the dark circles more noticeable. A good 8 hours sleep will be more than sufficient and will help to ward off exhausted looking eyes.

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