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Seventh Street is often overlooked when it comes to happy hour destinations but amid the development of new condos, hotels and restaurants by the Convention Center lies a trendy, neighborhood staple—Bar 7.

Giving you a new take on happy hour, The Social Hour—hosted every Friday by The Social Group—features unrivaled food and drink specials blended with the City’s most attractive young professionals. Designed to enhance your happy hour experience, you never know what may happen when you arrive at The Social Hour. There may be a fundraiser one week, and a comedy showcase or a dating game the next. No matter what may happen during The Social Hour, one thing is always guaranteed: FUN. The vibe, one full of energy and spirit, is perfect for winding down after work, winding up for the weekend, catching up with old friends or sharing an intimate outing with someone special. Bar 7’s versatile design lends itself to intimacy, camaraderie and a good, good time.

If you’re looking to step outside of the often-uptight atmosphere many happy hours in the District possess, join The Social Group EVERY FRIDAY for The Social Hour at Bar 7!

Eat. Drink. And #BeSOCIAL!

Happy Hour: 5-8 p.m.

Complimentary buffet

Open Bar: 9-10 p.m.

$4 Beers

$4 Wine

$5 Rail Cocktails

$7 Hennessy and Belvedere

Discounted drink and birthday specials until 8 p.m.


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