A Shoot-Out In A German Nightclub Left Two People Killed & Four Wounded!

Early Sunday morning, a fatal shoot-out at the Grey nightclub in Konstanz, Germany, left 2 people dead (including the killer and the bouncer) and 4 people wounded (3 people are in very critical conditions). When the police arrived at the scene, they got into a shootout with a gunman armed with an M16 automatic rifle. This incident resulted in a policeman getting shot and wounded while the gunman later died in the hospital from severe wounds.

AFP Photo/Felix Kästle

The city police released a statement via tweet saying “Many guests had left the building panic stricken or were hiding when the shots were fired.”

AFP| DNA India

According to Konstanz police officer Fritz Bezikofer, the gunman was a 34-year-old man from Iraq who had lived in Germany for a very long time.

“According to our investigations, this is not terror-related, unless the gunman radicalized himself within the last three days. At this moment we believe that he may have had alternative motives.” Bezikofer said.

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