About Time Jumpsuits Were Made Easy To Wear!

Finally! A brand named Matter in Singapore has created several jumpsuits that are both cute and easy to unfasten, especially if you’re in a rush to the bathroom! Even though it seems like it’s long overdue, it’s good thing that a brand is finally taking notice of a struggle that many jumpsuit wearers have faced for many years.

Almost every woman who has ever worn a jumpsuit knows about the jumpsuit struggle. For instance, the dreaded toilet visits, finding out your jumpsuit is on backward and trying to scratch that annoying itch on your back without taking off your entire jumpsuit. It’s a complete nightmare — but luckily, Matter has designed a few different versions that don’t require getting completely undressed.

The jumpsuits below have a four-button closure or a tie at the waist that can be quickly loosened instead of the usual jumpsuit strip down from top to bottom. On their website, Matter currently has two sleeveless styles where one jumpsuit has a boxy, loungey silhouette feel and resembles a two-piece, while the other one has a more feminine feel and is a green wide-leg culotte jumpsuit.

All Day Jumpsuit, $169
All Day Jumpsuit, $169
Classic Jumpsuit, $169
Classic Jumpsuit, $169

Visit shop.matterprints.com for more information on these jumpsuits.

What do you think of these jumpsuits? Yay or Nay?

Source: yahoo.com, Matter

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