Amanda Bynes is going OFF on twitter, which is nothing new, but this is different. Amanda Bynes is accusing her father of molesting her at a young age. He allegedly, also called her ugly and continue to take advantage of her. Amanda, stated that her mother was fully aware of what was going on yet, did nothing. Amanda Bynes is now taking legal action, and filing a restraining order against her father, and pleads with the public to recognize she is not crazy, nor is she insane, and she doesn’t need mental help. Woooow. Amanda Bynes is certainly outspoken, but maybe she just doesn’t care what people think of her… unlike many other people.. so that is why she is labeled as crazy. But this story is certainly, CRAZY, and we hope no one has to go through that!

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Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.52.18

Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.52.09Screenshot 2014-10-10 11.52.47

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