An ‘Insanely Dangerous’ Act Goes Wrong On AGT & Ends With Mel B Storming Off Set!

Recently on ‘America’s Got Talent’, a dangerous act went wrong and all hell broke loose right after resulting in Mel B storming off the set on live television. Performer Demian Aditya had himself handcuffed, put in a wooden box that was nailed shut and suspended by a rope over a blowtorch flame and three flaming spikes. He had only a few seconds to free himself before the box would fall onto the spikes.


Everything went wrong when the rope burned and the box fell but it didn’t fall on the flaming spikes like it was supposed to. Not knowing if Demain was still in the box or had escaped left the audience and the judges very confused and bewildered. Mel B wasn’t feeling the suspense, so she hit her buzzer and gave the act an X. Finally, Demain shows up behind the judges blowing a fire extinguisher and immediately received an X from Simon Cowell.

It was later explained that the failure to the insanely dangerous act was due to technical difficulties and that it was not Demain’s fault at all. When asked about the act’s technical difficulty, Simon replied, “I kind of think it was like Mel B’s wedding night. A lot of anticipation; not much promise or delivery.” Mel B was not a fan of this joke, so she threw her water at Cowell and walked off the set. “Mel B is out,” said Banks.

Even though the act didn’t go quite as planned, the aftermath was great for live TV.

Check out the full clip below:

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