@ArianaGrande Allegedly Knew She Wanted to Marry Pete Davidson 2 Years Ago

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Ariana Grande Knew She’d Marry Pete Davidson 2 Years Ago
If you put it out into the Universe, it may come back to you. Case in point: Ariana Grandeand Pete Davidson.

We already know the SNL star wanted to marry his now-fiancée the first day they met, but now his better half has revealed the feeling was so mutual.

As the Sweetener songstress recalled to Jimmy Fallonon The Tonight Show Thursday, she’s been crushing on the 24-year-old Staten Island native ever since 2016. As the story goes, they met on Saturday Night Live more than two years ago when she was hosting and serving as musical guest for the NBC variety show.

“We never exchanged numbers or anything. We weren’t even friends for the longest time,” she recalled to Fallon. While Grande doesn’t consider herself a “crushy person,” she secretly “had the biggest crush in the world on him the whole time—like forever.”

As she noted, “My friends used to make fun of me for all that stuff.”

The star has such hearts in her eyes that when she left the writer’s room after working on sketches with him, she unknowingly predicted the future. “I jokingly said to my tour manager—I was like, ‘I’m marrying him 100 percent,” she said at the time. “I was like, ‘I’m literally marrying him.'”

As fans well know, she is absolutely marrying him after getting engaged in June. The star has even written a song for her beau on her fourth studio album, fittingly titled, “pete davidson.”

“I just made it and I sent it to him and I didn’t know what to call it, so I just called it ‘Pete.’ It was going to be that or like, ‘This Is About Pete Davidson,'” she quipped. “I was like why not just be direct?”

Her grandmother was certainly direct when she first spoke to Grande’s future husband on FaceTime. Check out the clip above to hear Grande impersonate the hilarious conversation

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