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I never quite connected with paintings, until last Thursday. I took my younger brother and cousin on a mini museum trip in Washington D.C. Now I had always loved history and science museums but, I decided to give the art museum a chance for a change. I would say it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before I knew it I was inspired by many pieces of artwork I would have had no opinion on before.

One piece in particular by John Martin captured my heart. I was walking around the rooms, feeding my new passion and there it was…
A painting that displayed a mighty army and regal
civilians, complete with musky clouds and a sun far off in the distance.

Immediately I read the description and was pleased to learn it was a painting of commander and biblical man Joshua. One verse in the bible had become so vivid to the painter and as a result of his vision I was in awe. You see before I even read the description I knew something about this painting was special, especially because I had prayed seconds before for inspiration and connection during my time in the museum. I am pleased to announce my God delivered once again. Not
only did the painting portray a mighty man of war it described the power we have received from God. Joshua was a believer who commanded the sun to stay in order to win a battle, and the sun did not move (Joshua 10:14).

What kind of God is so void of pride he allows his creation an overwhelming amount of authority? The kind of God who would humble himself and die on the cross. The same God who empowers us to stop anything against our victory. A God who has no pride of himself, willing to share his kingdom with mortal dust.

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