Author & Entrepreneur, Ramon ‘Swift’ Sloan, Reshapes His Life After Avoiding Becoming a Statistic

Ramon Sloan, a local Milwaukee resident who served 5 years in prison for felony drug charges refines his life with the “power of a pen.” The former convicted felon has become a successful real estate agent selling properties inMilwaukee’s most prominent areas. He has also transitioned into an independent book author with four published novels, as well, the
producer of his very first film based off of his first novel entitled “Circumstance.”

“They said I wasn’t supposed to better myself; and I should’ve died in prison.” – Ramon Sloan

In his early years, Ramon Sloan was known for being a ruthless street legend. He grew up in a notorious crime family where him and other
members terrorized the streets of Milwaukee. Sooner than Ramon knew, his time on the streets was numbered after being arrested for
distribution of cocaine and sentenced to 5 years in prison.He is now utilizing the “power of the pen” to shape a better lifestyle for him and his family. Ramon is also utilizing his platform to save the lives of young minority males who are walking the similar path he once walked.

When interviewing Ramon Sloan, there were questions I knew would be tough to ask, but were extremely essential. It is not everyday, that you speak to an individual who decided to defy all odds, and pave a path for himself that no one ever imagined to be possible.

” A lot of my past, I really don’t regret it. Because I just think a lot of things that happened in my past, brought me to who I am today.” – Ramon Sloan

Ramon Sloan, used his past decisions and lessons he learned from his mistakes to build his character and outlook on life. Although Ramon stated that, he doesn’t regret all of his past, he did mention that missing his children grow up during his time incarcerated was something that hurt him dearly.

Ramon Sloan spoke about his latest project with the reputable and well known, Jack Thriller and his incredible book series, Motivation which has received raving reviews all around.

Ramon, currently released his latest book entitled, “Black Dibiase” which was inspired by his close friend, whom he lost to gun violence.

We can only hope that he plans on turning this hit novel into a movie production!

Find out what else, Mr.Sloan had to say in his exclusive audio interview on The Raro Lae show!


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