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WASHINGTON, DC GIVEAWAY: @SmallfootMovie Pre-Screening & Red Carpet Premiere Movie Passes!

Warner Brother’s is bringing SMALLFOOT to the big screen and let’s just say they have a VERY superstar-studded cast that includes Common (SMOKIN ACES), LeBron James (TRAINWRECK), Zendaya (SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING), Yara Shahidi (BLACK-ISH), James Corden (TROLLS) and Channing Tatum (21 JUMP STREET) this unique, heartfelt comedy is going to be a blast for all ages. If you haven’t seen the trailer,...

WATCH: @SinaRambo Talks Launching His Own Record Label & His First Signee, The Status of HKN, The Making & Success of ‘Baba Sina Rambo’, Future Projects & More!

Raro Lae exclusively interviewed Sina Rambo in Washington,DC and he answered all of the questions everyone has been wondering and left in the dark about. While on The Raro Lae Show, Sina Rambo disclosed he originally wanted to be a professional futbol (soccer) player, but it seems God...