In cased you missed it. T.I. recently dropped his latest single “No Mediocre”, and for some shady reason Azealia decided to tweet, ” Have  you seen your wife”. See I don’t know if Azealia needs attention or if she’s just bored but either way it was uncalled for. But don’t worry, T.I. clapped right back, now you know he da kang of da south so he wasn’t playin no games. Guess despite his and tiny’s back and forth, he still loves that woman and is not going to let anyone disrespect her…but him(the irony). Check the post below to see what really went down.

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Azealia also had a few tweets about suing T.I. but she quickly deleted those. Then proceeded to tell him to come alone and attempt to mess with her. She’s clearly confused as to whether she’s really about that life or not.



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