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With school resuming for most of the US college students, stress levels are at an all time high. Half of the students are either adding/dropping class, depending on how crazy their professor may or may not seem. School is hard, stressful, annoying, tedious, scary, a nightmare.. need we go on? However, we completely understand…but something we did leave out of that extensive list is that school is definitely worth it. School has its challenges, but so does everything in this world thats worth doing or attaining. So with that being said we’ve come up with a few tips to make this semester a little more bearable ūüėČ

  • Get A Planner:¬†We cannot stress how important it is to stay organized! Get a planner ASAP. Like Now. ¬†Make sure to write down all due dates, exams, and any other important information pertaining to your course in your planner. Keeping organized throughout the semester is a guaranteed way to making your semester 50% less stressful.
  • Take Notes:¬†This may seem like common sense but some people actually don’t take notes. There are two different types of notetaking that we have found to work quite well
    • Notetaking Form 1: Print out all powerpoints, key words, and terms prior to each class. ¬†While your professor is lecturing follow along with your materials, and fill in all information she emphasizes, highlighting and starring all information he/she elaborates on. Make sure to jot these details down. (These most likely be the information he/she will actually put on the exam)
    • Notetaking Form 2: Perhaps you don’t like physically writing and would prefer to type, this is just fine! You can still use the same method as mentioned above instead type. However, another efficient method is typing out your notes fully. This method allows you to retain information by hearing it, typing it, and then reviewing it. This method becoms extremely helpful when it comes time for examination review. You can simply copy and paste pertinent information into a final study guide without having to sift through pages and pages of notes and having to wait until the last minute to type up review sheets.
  • Your Teacher Is Your BFF: We mean it. This semester your only friends are your professors. They will learn to love and hate you at the same time. No question is a stupid question, so ask every question that comes to your pretty little head. Teachers love students that show interest in the subject they are teaching and when push comes to shove, that effort doesn’t go unnoticed at the end of the semester. Make yourself very familiar with your professors office hours. Try and visit your professor with questions, concerns, and just to say hi at least 1-2 times a week. This may seem like a lot, but what’s 5-10 minutes out of a 24 hour day? NO EFFORT GOES UNNOTICED. Trust me, this will help your grade!
  • Review:¬†Stop waiting until last minute to review! Take 30 mins a day to just glance over your notes. This will make studying so much easier when exams actually do come around. Days you don’t have homework use this as an opportunity to review. Make flashcards, read over your notes, organize your materials… do something. It only takes 30 minutes a day.. to help better your grade and more importantly expand your knowledge!

Well, we hope these tips helped you as much as they helped us! Keep your head up, your one more semester closer to graduating! Somebody wishes they were in your position, so take advantage of it…. AND EXCEL!

Good luck this semester!




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