Basketball Wives @MalaysiaPargo IG Hacked By Male Pornstar & Friend! ( Must See Pics)

Malaysia Pargo of Basketball Wives IG was recently hacked/ essentially stolen. We here of celebrities accounts being hacked all the time, however this incident is a little strange.

Whoever, hacked her password, locked her out of her account, deleted all of Malaysia’s photos, changed their name on IG and began uploading the photos below.

This account is constantly changing the user name whenever they’re discovered and now, they’re posting this alleged mans porn videos on the page and advertising his snap chat.

This is actually kind of weird/ kind of smart, except their not really gaining any type of monetary revenue from this, at least advertise a business, sheesh.

Obviously we’re not going to post the videos on this website, but feel free to check out their IGs we posted above.

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