Behind Every Great Man, There’s An Ever Greater Woman, Behind @WizkidAyo There’s Jada Pollock

I think it’s safe to say that almost EVERYONE know’s who Wizkid is, however if you don’t let me give you a quick rundown. Wizkid, CEO of StarBoy records, also known as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was born July 16,1990 is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Although he started recording music at age 11 and managed to release a collaborative album with the Glorious Five, a group he and a couple of his church friends formed, it wasn’t until 2009, when he signed a record deal with  Banky W.'s record label Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) that he rose to the forefront. In 2010 he released "Holla at Your Boy" from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011). "Tease Me/Bad Guys", "Don't Dull", "Love My Baby", "Pakurumo" and "Oluwa Lo Ni"  which were also released as singles from the Superstar album. These songs as well as many to follow, made all of Africa fall in love with Wizkid!

Wizkid’s global breakthrough however came in 2016, when Wizkid collaborated with Drake on the global hit, “One Dance”

2016, Wizkid achieved international recognition following his collaboration with Drake on the global hit, “One Dance”. Many believe this was luck, however it wasn’t. It was the combined efforts of his undeniable talent and a skilled and resourceful management team.

Let’s rewind to late 2014/ early 2015 — approximately around this time Jada P officially began managing Wizkid.

I witnessed @wizkidayo and @chrisbrownofficial share a stage in Africa 2012 from that very moment I knew it was something special… To be here to see them share a stage in Europe in 2016 is an absolute dream! #StarBoyToTheWorld

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We are known to believe through our research that Wizkid isn’t Jada’s first client however, she’s a veteran in the Entertainment industry. Jada Pollock, was formerly known as Jada Styles. Head of her very own consulting business firm she shared with Africa's most loved football star. Didier Drogba, she was responsible for the image of many affluent and prominent football  (soccer) players for the U.K. The Daily Star and West London Living referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru!

She soon shifted to gears to music management, when she joined Bu Vision, LLC – a mgt firm representing/managing some of the big names in international music scene such as Chris Brown & Pia Mia, whom Jada served as their day-to-day. Bu Vision, is owned by Bu, Akon’s brother.

Working closely with Chris Brown specifically, Wizkid’s and Jada’s paths most likely crossed in 2012 in Africa when Jada’s client (Chris Brown) and Wizkid shared the stage.

Now let’s fast forward back to 2014. Mid/Late 2014, Wizkid was seen working in the studio with not only Chris Brown, Tyga (who is also very close with Pia Mia).

See where Pia Mia (Jada’s client) reached out to Wiz Kid on his birthday, solidifying their friendship!

Shorly after, he was spotted with Akon & Tyrese in LA.

Wizkid, a native of Nigeria was new to LA however somehow he was constantly in the right place in the right time. Luck? We beg to differ. This took skill, strategic planning and placement, but most importantly the leveraging of relationships — Jada Pollock’s relationship.

Wizkid’s turning point was not only his single, “One Dance” with Drake that was just more strategic placement. His turning point—his momentum shift—was when Jada became his official manager.

Jada leveraged her connections – like any skilled manager and publicist does and got her talented client in front of those who could change the game completely for them!

If there’s one piece advice we can give an upcoming talented artist, it certainly would be – Do NOT underestimate the power of proper management and proper marketing. The worst thing that can happen to one is having a platform that they cannot maximize every single ounce of potential  and exposure from.

Jada Pollock, will go down in history not only for WOMEN (we rock!)– but for all– for being one of the first, if not the first to bring an African talent to the Global forefront.


Sidenote: We definitely still see that her stylist skills are still clearly in play for her clients.


Credit: WizkidNews, Daily Star, West London Living, Instagram

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