Best Winter Coats Under $100

After February, we just might be saying goodbye to the chilliest season of the year. Winter fashion has always been a people’s favorite; from trendy scarfs to knee high boots, there’s so much to love about dressing up during this time of the year.

Coats, of course, always make a huge fashion statement. With roughly 28 days to go, we’ve gathered up the most stylish winter coats you NEED to purchase, which are all under $100. For those of you who haven’t embraced your true fashionista this season, here’s a perfect chance to do so!


  1. Wool blend jackets: This elegant caplet-like coat is a fashionable piece that will leave you looking youthful and sophisticated. With a blend of the 80s trend, this timeless coverup can be purchased for about $50




2. Satin Trench Coat: This easy-to-wear trench coat is soft, seamless and fun. Ditch the bland coloured winter coats and opt for a vibrant hue instead. Obtain these at about $40 this winter.




3. Hound stooth coat: Keep your body warm in this broken-in-fit coat typically purchased for $60. Because of the statement making prints, you might want to pair these up with neutral pants.




4. Reversible Party Coat: Adorn yourself with high fashion pieces without breaking the bank in the reversible party coat, roughly purchased for $90.




5. Duffle coat: This popular mock-neck coat is a perfect mix of modern and classic. Make a huge fashion statement with these for at most $100.




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