So if you missed the BET Awards this year, you definitely missed out. It was quite entertaining with Chris Rock as the host. Chris Rock had NO cut cards and nobody was safe in the crowd, because he was trolling straight from the mic. He trolled on TI, Mike Tyson, JHUD, Paris Hilton, Donald Sterling.. to say the least. He was not playing any games and you could see the crowd was nervous whenever he came around. Probably the most awkward moment was when he told Paris Hilton she was trying to pull a Kim Kardashian by coming to the BET Awards.  I’m sure Paris Hilton definitely did not know how to feel after being compared to her former maid. Moral of the story always be nice to everyone, they could be your boss one day. To top it off Chris Rock certainly couldn’t have Ellen getting all the shine so he bought the entire crowd ROSCOE CHICKEN AND WAFFLES (Yes… it’s only right) and Snoop Dogg, Tyrese and more were more than happy to get their grub on. TI and Tiny seemed to have figured things out because they were cuddled up throughout the show. They weren’t the only one squashing their beef either Trey Songz and August Alsina also were performing together.  This BET Awards like we said was eventful… August Alsina cried.. with his gold fronts in, and  Bey and Jay were shown basically no  love in the award categories.BET we see you switching it up this year. Nicki Minaj threw soooooo much shade at Iggy when she won the best rapper award and last but not least, the ultimate swindle… after promising a performance from Jay Z and Beyonce.. they performed.. VIA SKYPE. We’re out yall.




Performances Rundown:

Pharrell perfromed and honestly it was pretty weak. That is, until MISSY ELLIOT came on stage and had the crowd dancing on their feet! Missy we miss

Lil Wayne: Next. But really next, his performance was pretty dry but we did appreciate his rock and rap approach to the music game. In all honesty he hasn’t been the same since he went to jail and started sippin that lean.

Jhene Aiko & John Legend: Jhene we love you but you have to get over those nerves! She has a remarkable voice but her vocals just sounded off to the point that it seems that John Legend actually came in at the end and saved her. At the end of the performance he actually cut her off, perhaps he thought she could harmanize but… the ending was just awkward and rushed.

Chris Brown & Travis Barker: Chris FREAKING Brown! Chris Brown never fails to deliver, twitter had a field day with his outfit but not for long because they were so captivated with his dance moves and voice! Okay Chris you better Dance. Travis Barker had a drum solo and absolutely KILLED IT.

Usher: Usher was giving us all different snippets of his songs! But he still has that sexy demeanor and swagger. He took us down memory lane with all this hits. Question Usher who was the hot mama doing the splits? Yeahhhh.. we need that IG ASAP.

Jennifer Hudson: Came down the aisle sassin the crowd and had the fans bobbing in their seats. But then she brought out some HOT caramel man looking phenomenal that even Eva Marcille was biting her lips. JHud had her vocals on point for sure!

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj had the crowd standing before she even started spitting now that is BAWSE.  Of course Nicki had a crazy set up with  an Alice In Wonderland feel with ballerinas and giant mushrooms.

August Alsina: It seems like plaid may have been the trend in Cali because August had on red plaid just like Chris Brown. August Alsina had a stripper.. we mean dancer.. on a rope. Then surprisingly Trey Songz shows up for the I love it performance. If you’re not hip Trey and August were beefing! But we’re not positive because he wasn’t showing Trey much love the entire time he was on set

Trey Songz: Trey’s performance started immediately after and he had some sexy ladies hanging from poles behind him.. Y’all seeing a pattern yet and they were doing all types of splits, twists, everything. This performance was lowkey soft porn.

Lionel Richie Tribute:  It started off with John Legend then…YOLANDA ADAMS!!!!!! Yes, Yolanda Adams just had the whole crowd on their feet and praising the Lord to the point we had chills even watching it from our TV’s screen. She hit every high note that she could possibly hit and was phenomenal! Hands down the BEST performance.

T.I & Iggy. : T.I performed No mediocre and he had some bad joints in heals and athletic wear tearing up the stage and of coursed Iggy joined him on stage. But looked like she was worried at times because the track was pretty loud. We couldn’t tell if BET was tryning to set her up or if she was supposed to be lipsyncing. But nonetheless she had the entire crowd on their feet.. Nicki Minaj even got a quick cameo in and we saw Lil Wayne plottin on that snowbunny after the performance.






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