Blacker the Berry…..

“The blacker the berry, the deeper the roots

I say the darker the flesh, then the deeper the roots.”- Tupac Shakur

The quote above is a famous line from Tupac Shakur’s Keep Ya Head Up .

Today we’re gonna touch base on a very controversial topic; DARK SKIN AND LIGHT SKIN IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. It  seems that for the last few years this topic has been ongoing and seems to never be ending. As a dark skin woman I know quite a bit about being treated differently because of my skin. I remember one day I was at work and a young man who was about 20-22 came up to me and said “you’re so beautiful.” I’ m telling yall I started smiling from ear to ear especially because I was already have a good day. He went on to say, “I rarely look twice at dark skin women but for you, I’ll even look back three times.” He said it like it was some sort of compliment. I honestly just looked at him like he was crazy. This was one of the first times  I knowingly experienced this stupidity but unfortunately it wasn’t the last.

Growing up I was often told that I was “pretty for a dark skin girl.” Each time someone told me this, it was meant to be a compliment. However, each and every time I perceived it as an insult, which it is. It seems to be the new in thing to tell pretty women who are dark that they’re pretty, even though they’re dark. I thank God that mother raised me to embrace my skin tone and all my features because I was stuck with them for life. I was never ashamed or embarrassed of my skin tone but I wasn’t always very confident in my skin tone. I was just ok with my skin. I never wanted to be light skin I just didn’t take pride in my skin, if that makes sense. When I hit about 16 I slowly began to realize that my skin was actually very beautiful. By the time my 18th birthday rolled around you couldn’t tell me anything, I loved my skin color! I love the chocolate tone it has! I love my skin even more during the summer because I adopt this distinct glow that just can’t be beat!

Ok! Ok! Enough about my skin. In honesty it hurts now to see rappers like Lil Wayne disrespect dark skin women. Its even more hurtful to see a lot of African American adopt and embrace the mentality that “light skin is the right skin.” I’m hoping to get a series going where I talk about, interview, and show videos about this ongoing problem in the Black community. This isn’t meant to bash anyone but more so to hopefully enlighten at least one person about the battle that Black women, especially darker women face in today’s day and age. So stay tuned for many more post to come concerning this topic. If you have any questions, post ideas, or would like to be featured in this series in anyway possible then just send me an email or DM me on Instagram (info will be listed below) Thank you! And have a blessed week

P.S. Before you compliment someone next time make sure you are not complimenting one feature while insulting another. We don’t know what everyone is going through. Some are stronger than others.

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  1. MrReader

    I’m a guy but I really do buy your perspective about self-image. However, Africa is the largest market for skin lightening products, so it’s not just an issue with the Black (African-American) Community, but also abides through out the Black Race. It’d be great if you devote more time into writing pieces like this; A lots of dark-skinned ladies, especially the young teenagers need words of enlightenment and encouragement.
    Once again, good article, I be look forward to read more from you soon.


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