Bon Apetit: Our Top 5 Must Have Christmas Desserts!

It’s just one week left until we celebrate the biggest day of the year! But what’s Christmas without some mouth watering desserts?

For those on a quest to stay fit, don’t worry, Christmas is the most efficient “cheat day” there is, and we have an array of delightful treats you and your family can savour on that festive day. Here’s our top 5 christmas desserts that you can easily make to add some flavour into the jovial season!


  1. Trifle Dessert: Trifle deserts contain lots of fruits, so your calorie intake is definitely not as high as usual. Whip up a creamy, fruity pudding studded with almond amaretti biscuits, smothered in kirsch and custard! Get recipes and cooking directions for this yummy dessert on All RecipesPatriotic-strawberry-trifle-WM


2. Cinnamon Madeleines: Delight your guests with oven baked, crunchy and palatable madeleines served with aniseed flavoured caramel. That savoury but sweet taste of the cinnamon spice gives a twist on the usual dainty madeleine, and the best part is, you can have some post Christmas desserts to munch on, as cinnamon madeleines can be kept for over a week! Get the recipes on All Recipes 



3. Lime Semifreddo Cheesecake: For the lovers of cold desserts, this delightful snack is an ideal christmas treat for you! The Lime Semifreddo is a long lasting, frozen dessert and is a perfect sweet course to be eaten at the end of your meals. Get recipes and baking directions on All Recipes



4. Meringue Pie: This vanilla flavoured dessert has a creamy citrus fruit filling that contrasts perfectly with the sweet and fluffy meringue topping. This pie is baked in a tender, crumbly pate sucree crust, and a variety of orange juices provides the tart berries with a mild sweetness. Get the recipe from All Recipes 



5. Sugar Cookies: Don’t leave the little ones out this season! Sugar cookies are a perfect snack for children and babies, and are certainly a way to light them up this Christmas. Add some flare to your baking by shaping the cookies in form of snowmen, snowflakes, trees and candy canes. Get the recipes for these delicious pastries on All Recipes



Goodluck and don’t forget to have some fun while baking up our top 5 desserts!

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