Boy, 14, Jumps To His Death After Being Bullied On Snapchat

A 14-year-old schoolboy committed suicide as a result of the bullying he had to endure on social media. Sam Abel took his life by jumping from the roof of an Asda car park in Worcester, England.

Sam, who was a pupil at Tudor Grange Academy School, suffered name calling, pranks, and physical abuse before the bullies took to social media and bombarded him with cruel messages via snap chat and Facebook messenger on a daily basis.

Sam’s dad, Mark said: “Snapchat messages only last seconds but when you’re getting those messages constantly, the seconds add up and they broke him down in the end. It started as individuals but I think more people joined in with taunting him when it developed into cyber bullying. We will never know how serious those messages were because the police cannot get access to the messages due to encryption. It obviously got that bad that it pushed him over the edge. He had no escape from them because it wasn’t just at school anymore. It was online and offline and on and off the playground. They probably thrived off it or got a kick out of it.”

Mark and Anita describe how their son was first bullied in primary school, in year 6, but that they were unaware that things had gotten worse.

Mark said: “He kept a lot to himself and what he did share we acted upon. We knew about the bullying but we visited the school several times and were told they were acting on it. He did a good job of hiding everything and put up a front and we assumed everything was fine. He suffered in silence. You put measures in place to make sure your kids are safe but they even bullied him for wearing a crash yellow crash helmet and jacket.”

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