BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: @YoungThug’s Baby Mama/ Side Chick Accidentally Snitches On Thugger, Releases Phone Records, Visits Lawyer, Plans To Leave Country + More! (Must Read)


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We received an #Anon tip earlier today about an alleged baby mama of Young Thug going off on IG. As promised, although our anon decided to identify their identity for validation purposes, we still will secure their identity, because that is the purpose of  receiving our #Anon stories, tips and contributions.

They tipped us off about Young Thug’s alleged baby mama, and we decided to take a look and see what was going on. Here’s what we found:

Young Thug’s alleged baby mama and side-chick took to Instagram to post a comment stating:

Damn Roscoe we snitching now? this n*ggers don’t know the first fucking thing about loyalty, how you wait till thug in jail then start snitching. Crazy part is you

She posted this shortly after, Jeffrey Winfrey best known as Pewee Roscoe, named both Young Thug and Birman as an affiliate , claiming that the three of them conspired to kill Lil Wayne. This confession came shortly after Young Thug was arrested yesterday after an un-related incident. Roscoe was arrested two months ago for shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus. quickly caught wind of that instagram post, and re-posted it on their IG. Instantly, many attacked her for snitching as well. Saying that her comment, basically admitted that they did plan it together.


She took to their comments responding below:

” Before y’all jump to conclusion, I stated at the end that Roscoe deciding to commit the crime on his own, my wording could have been better”




She soon went private, and began a wirlwind of tweeting and deleting. But we caught the post. 😉 ( She is now un-private again).

She replied to the blogs with the picture below, captioned:

Screenshot 2015-07-16 18.08.48

“Y’all can let these blogs feed y’all whatever the fuck they want 👌 , I’m far from stupid and I’ve always had my own. Never needed a dude for shit please get that understood ! I stay with money , I stay with a couple of cars that I never get to use and a big ass house that I purchased on my fucking own 💪👋 . so before y’all come on my shit with the perception of jeffery doing anything get y’all shit together. Oh another thing I can say whatever the fuck I please on IG , I got a lawyer , who never lost a case in his whole 35 years ! Now charge that to the game 😘😘😘”

She then went on to post a screen shot of the alleged call she received from Young Thug at 10:08 PM, when he was first put in jail.



The photo is captioned,

Because his phone call meant a lot to me 😖 regardless of what’s said or done on the blogs he’s always understanding. He’s not worry so y’all can chill with the F*ckery #FreeHim 😘😘.

Many of her friends replied in support.


She kept EVERYONE updated, even to the point that she let us know that he had been released, after initially being arrested last night. (He is now back in police custody after a house raid)


Someone commented on the picture, saying, ” U know he don’t know u right lol” she replied saying he sounded dumb. Her friends and onlookers quickly attacked the individual, saying ” You know that’s her baby daddy”. Read the other comments below.


With Young Thug in jail, and under scrutiny it appears she took a visit to her lawyer. Below, she posted the photo, and apparently whatever’s in that paperwork has him smiling.


She has since then deleted that post.


After visiting her lawyer, it seems she believed it was in her best interest to leave the country. Her mother advised against it. See post above.

As we posted earlier, Young Thug was re-arrested after the police raided his house and was charged with felony cocaine possession, felony marijuana possession, and 3 counts of felony gun possession.

Apparently Young Thug wasn’t too pleased with her actions while he was in jail, because she posted the picture below, captioned:

When your baby daddy is in jail for less than 24 hours and start talking like he care about you , then get released and tell you “Fuck you ” , but Fulton county police was waiting on him at the doe ! 😊😊😊


Lastly, it seems like she’s just having a field day with these posts. This is just on of Young Thugs numerous alleged baby mamas.


Something seems off about this girl, because we refuse to believe he is so reckless. Check out some of her past posts with Young Thug blurred out.


Below, is a picture of their alleged daughter.


Below, she flaunts the keys to her Mercedes Benz, which is just one of her luxury cars. She also has a range rover.


See some of her other pictures that made the cut.



What do y’all think about this?

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