Bryson Tiller Doesn’t Believe He’s Good Enough For OVO, Opens Up To Raro Lae On @TheBobbyPen!

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SO, I guest hosted for the amazing blog, and interview fast rising RCA artist, Bryson Tiller. Check out the amazing interview and official write up below!

The super shy 22-year-old rapper / singer Bryson Tiller made a stop through Washington, D.C. to promote his debut release “Trap Soul” which dropped October 2nd on RCA.

Tiller has been making a buzz on SoundCloud, the free audio streaming website where independent artists reach the masses, since he was 15 years old. The rapper / singer carved his own lane by merging his love for trap music with his R&B influence.

By the summer of his 21st year, he had been tapped by legendary Hip-Hop producer Timbaland and one of Tiller’s vocal inspiration’s Drake. Today, with over 35 million streams collectively, Tiller is the newest member on RCA’s roster and he’s expected to continue shooting up the charts by blazing his own trail with the inventive genre for which he named his first official release.

Our correspondent Raro Lae got him to open up in a quick and personal one-on-one at DC’s premier online radio and production studio Here’s a quick peek into their conversation: (TBP): We all know about the DM between you and Drake, so some of us thought you would’ve signed with OVO. What made you go with RCA?

Bryson Tiller (BT): What made me go with RCA? I don’t know man. It was just like… We just– I thought about it. That was like the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life, ya know what I mean? They’re both dope. I would’ve loved to have signed with OVO, and who knows? Maybe I’ll do something with them in the future, because I want to help make that label the greatest thing.

But honestly– and this isn’t me being overly humble, but I really just didn’t think I was good enough to be signed to OVO, you know what I mean? Like I just wanted to just– I don’t know. I just feel like what they got is perfect. I ain’t want to mess it up. To be honest.

TBP: Were you expecting to get all this love that you’re getting from all your different fans?

BT: Not at all. I just gotta stop and say thank ya’ll for that. For real. Ya’ll changed my life.

TBP: I know you used to work at Papa Johns and UPS, and that was like a year ago. What could you say–

BT: Not even a year ago. Not even 356 days. I quit my job on like the 15th or the 20th of October.

TBP: So how does it feel for such a transition to happen in your life?

BT: It’s crazy man. I was talking to this dude that used to drive me to work everyday. Earlier today he was like, “Yo! Our supervisor has been listening to your project.” I’m like, “Wow. That’s crazy.”

TBP: Did your supervisor bang with you while you were there?

BT: Nah, not really. Nah, she didn’t. Shout out to her. I hope I see her around though, ‘cuz she was pretty.

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