In the PR industry we are constantly looking to acquire new clients, as well as maintain positive relationships with our current clients. With your overwhelming schedules, endless brainstorming, and random episodes of pulling out your hair we understand sometimes this seems near impossible. Fortunately for all of us this is completely false. So breathe easy, we have a few tips to ease this process and steer you in the right direction.

  1. Be Confident

    • At this point, you know exactly what you are capable of. Stop doubting yourself, and own it. Your past work speaks for itself, and if it didn’t you wouldn’t have clients to begin with.

  2. Less is More

    • Don’t distract or risk losing potential clients with unnecessary information. They hired you as a PR for a reason. Let them know the important information that is pertinent to their projects.  Their time is precious, so treat it as such. Think of it as newspaper, often people only have enough time to read the headline, and only skim through the articles actual content.  The details are for you to be concerned with, and the outline is the only information your client is truly interested in.

  3. Be Honest

    • Whether news is good or bad It is vital to be one hundred percent honest with your clients. No one likes surprises, so your client needs to be up to date at all times. If you can’t do something, vocalize this. Let them know exactly what you can and cannot do. You’re not a magician, so don’t pretend to be.
  4. Under Promise – Over Deliver

    • As a PR the worst thing you can do is make irrational commitments and build unrealistic expectations.  Although it is important to be confident in your work, over confidence is detrimental to not only your client, but your brand as well.  Always under promise, and over deliver. A client will be more impressed if you exceed their expectations, than if you barely fulfill your commitments.  It is better to tell your client that you will have the project done in a week timespan, even if you know you can accomplish it in a day, than to ask to extend a deadline.
  5. Branding

    • Branding should be one of your PR firm’s main focuses. Your name is everything. To successfully brand you must have positive relationships with your clients.  Every client is important, and they must feel and be treated as so. No client is too small, nor is any client too big.  With that being said no shortcuts can be taken on any projects, and your 100% must go into all that you do, no matter what the task may be.
  6. Timing

    • Manage your time well. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete tasks, make a schedule, and if possible distribute the tasks so you are not overwhelmed. Always allow yourself room to complete your tasks accordingly and do not overbook yourself. It is wiser to pass up on a project, than for you to poorly complete it.


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