Crystal Westbrooks Faces Backlash On Instagram For “Pray For Paris” Post

It indeed seems as if Ruby Rose isn’t the only person getting attacked by the media for “controversial” posts in relation to the tragedy that gripped Paris today.

Crystal Westbrooks, one of the sisters starring in the new reality tv show “The Westbrooks” has faced her own share of criticism from instagram fans and followers. Westbrooks posted a photo of herself on a couch earlier today and accompanied it with the caption “Pray For Paris”.

This gesture stirred up a lot of controversy on the social media platform, as hundreds of users claimed that the photo had no correlation with the caption. Others deemed her action as “insensitive” and “attention seeking”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.36.18 PM

Moments later, Crystal changed the now deleted caption of her photo to “Do you guys honestly think I meant any harm by “pray for paris” you guys need love”.

Although the photo had nothing to do with the tragic events that have happened in Paris, we believe Crystal had no bad intentions behind the post.


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