Dash of Faith: Regret

Hello Everyone!

So for the upcoming months i’ll be writing an inspirational series called Dash of Faith. These post will be short and sweet, infused with the power of God. If you are a believer they’re a great way to get through your week, if you’re not i’m sure the word will be useful to you in some capacity..

Here it goes


How long will you grieve (be sad) over the past? What you could have done, what you should of done? Let’s be honest you didn’t do it for a reason, and what you did is exactly what you wanted to do at that time. Instead of revisiting past decisions why not work on what is to come? Preparing yourself to avoid the same mistakes. If God told you something in the past and you decided to ignore it, obeying him in the future is a million times better than making an offering or plea for the past. You cannot make up for past mistakes but you can pray for mercy and change. You cannot pay your way into heaven but you can have faith in salvation (being saved by Jesus). You cannot move God with your emotions, but the truth in your heart can cause God to move heaven.

Inspired by: 1 Samuel 15

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