Dash of Faith: The Antidote

The antidote to Cuffing Season…

When you’re in your twenties, relationships cross your mind more and more sometimes without you even noticing it. It’s so easy to fall into panic mode when you see a 23 year old newlywed or 18 year old fiancés and you have no match in sight. Especially if  you’re  involved with the church, you almost feel outcasted if you’re not bitten by the marriage bug as relationship topics seem to flood your group chats and social media feeds constantly.

Naturally, you start preparing for a relationship because it’s what your environment and mind tells you to do. First off we know we walk with God and our spouse must too. Second we think of appearance starting with our own; we start changing our hair, tweezing our eyebrows or buying new shoes. Looking extra special for church, school or work. Everything else about our future relationship seems ready to go, but our phone is dry (no messages, or calls) and lack of attention from our crush seems to delay our timeline.

Sofia Pause….. (Reader, you can pause too, it’s great to reflect!)

How can God bring your spouse when you can’t even submit to the people in your life? Better yet how will you completely love another soul if you treat your friends like they’re second class. How could you even consider joining yourself to another family in marriage, when you can’t even keep in touch with your own?

We are searching for love when we don’t even love who we are. We are those who have poured into our lives. The ones who listen to our rants and tell us everything will be okay. The ones who slip us $20 when we’re too low on cash. The ones who tell us to press on in God because he isn’t done yet. The ones who let us borrow outfits when are pockets cannot produce something fly. These are the relationships we should focus on now, these are the people who have loved us before we even thought about being in love. These are the people God has allowed into our lives for entire seasons, simply because he wants to teach us what real life is like.

You are spending your life with the people around you, make it a life worth living! Pour into the lives of others and become a whole (complete) you before joining to the other you. 

Inspiration: 1 Corinthians 13, Songs of Solomon 8:4

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