Eating Your Way To A Beautiful Skin

Sometimes, foundation and concealers aren’t the only remedies for covering up bad or unhealthy skin. A permanent solution to this problem can be as easy as dicing up a couple of fruits everyday and eating them. This, however, needs to be done frequently until an improvement is visible. Eating fruits help to ameliorate unhealthy skin, and the best part is; fruits are cost-effective, easily accessible, and have no side effects!


Here are the top 3 fruits that everyone in search for a glowing skin must have in their kitchens!

  1. Bananas


Bananas are typically rich in Vitamin A, B, and E, making the results on your skin three times better! They contain magnesium, fiber and potassium which help build immunity, lower cholesterol level and boost blood circulation. These benefits may seem to only work internally, but the results will be visible on your skin in no time!


2. Lemons



Are you suffering from skin blemishes, scars or irregular skin tones? Lemons should be your new best friend! These fruits contain Vitamin C, making them one of the most suitable fruits for skin rejuvenation. Lemons are popular for diminishing scars and acne, and they exfoliate the skin completely. Consuming a lemon on its own might be a bit too sour, hence, lemon tea or juice can serve as a more palatable alternative.

3. Oranges


Oranges are irresistibly sweet and so having these at least everyday shouldn’t be a hassle! Consuming oranges can help brighten the skin and treat bad acne. And it doesn’t just end there, orange peels also work their own magic on the skin too! Dried and powdered orange peels can be used as a scrub for the body to boost skin clarity and freshness.


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