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Bad Girl’s Club Personalities Natalie Nunn, Judii, Flo & Sarah Oliver have banded together with Lafamedia Productions, to create a reality show like never seen before. Hundreds of contestants traveled from all over the country to attend the first “Bad Boy” auditions that took place in a beautiful DC mansion.

RLTV Media with Rarolae.com was able to capture the behind the scenes footage, and we got that and more! Jersey, Atlanta, NY, Cali,  Florida, Texas, and so many more were all in the building and they were coming with their A-Game. Men in all shapes, sizes and flavors came to show the judges what they were really made of, and most importantly to show them what exactly made the bad boys.

Although the new reality shows name is not set, Bad Boys is certainly the theme. This is the first time a reality show of this nature is being made, so we’re excited to see how it pans out. Sources have confirmed that multiple prime time stations are interested in picking up the show. Oxygen has GOT to be angry right now! But hey, they provided a platform and these ladies took advantage of it and are now completely flourishing!

This show is the real deal, and these boys definitely took it from 1-10 real quick! ( Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what we mean, LOL!)

Check out RLTV’s exclusive behind the scenes footage and let us know what you think!


Interviewed By: RLTV (Twitter: @RLTVmedia)
Hosted By: Raro Lae (Twitter: @_reezylove, IG: RaroLae)
Interview Directed & Produced: Champion Studio (@championstudio)
Graphic Design: Tayvo Designs ( @tayvodesigns)

Music By: Cassper Nyovest “Doc Shebeleza”


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