EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Okoye Talks Beauty Standards, Running Her Successful International Business + Beauty Line, Being A Super Mom And More!

Welcome to this week’s Raro Lae Q&A session! Today we bring to you an exclusive interview with one of Nigeria’s leading wellness and beauty advocates, Mrs.Leslie Okoye!


Leslie is a Nigerian entrepreneur dedicated to redefining traditional notions of beauty through a holistic approach to skincare. A personal mission to find simplified skin care regime for women of colour drove Mrs Okoye to launch her own skincare lines, specifically for women of colour such as Asian, Bi-Racial, African, African-American, Latina and multi-cultural women from around the globe!

Today, she successfully runs her companies; L’Okoye Cosmetics Inc and CookieSkin specialist skincare range. In March, 2015, Leslie launched her very own free mobile app called ‘FreshnFit’, which was guaranteed to motivate, educate and enable people make the right healthy choices in their daily lives.

To inspire other African women to feel their best and look the part, the business mogul also launched a Digital TV channel, where she shows viewers a glimpse of her daily intimate moments of different everyday activities and products that keep her Fresh ‘n’ fit. Asides all this, Leslie is a proud mother of two adorable kids, a devoted wife, and a rolemodel to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs all over the country.

So, how exactly does she juggle it all? Leslie Okoye cites “taking life one day at a time” as the solution her many endeavours.

Here is the Raro Lae Q&A with Leslie Okoye!

1. Cookie Skin has grown to become a very successful brand! How does it feel to be the woman behind it, and what inspired you to launch the product?

CookieSkin was founded to simplify skincare for women of color. I used to make creams and would have to combine creams and special ingredients to get the right formula to achieve even skin tone and to treat hyper-pigmentation. So, I decided to create my own line specially designed for the needs of women of color prone to hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Sometimes I wonder how I got this far. Some days I question why people love CookieSkin so much. I’ve realized that the people accepted CookieSkin because they already believed in the message that CookieSkin relays– Beauty is skin deep, beauty is confidence. And it feels pretty great knowing that people out there believe in you.

2. What makes Cookie Skin stand out from all other skin products?

CookieSkin is designed by dermatologists of color for women of color. At CookieSkin we believe in feeding your skin the best essential ingredients. CookieSkin® is a preventative and corrective skin care line made with superior active ingredients that nourishes the skin for an irresistible fresher, younger, radiant looking skin. The difference between problem skin and fresh, flawless, youthful skin is in the ingredients you use. Made with superior active ingredients, our formulas are proven to improve skin texture, tone and regeneration.

3. They say beauty is skin deep. What is your own definition of beauty?

Beauty is confidence! There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her worth. A woman that knows who she is and is comfortable in her own body, not paying attention to how others judge her.

4. If you could change one thing about your country Nigeria, what would it be?

I would change our mindset, to not see the glass as half empty but as half full. By this I mean that we as a people, should focus more on watering the grass on our own lawns and stop looking outside. One could apply that in all areas of life and would be better for it. In Nigeria, the government and private sector need to work hard to improve our manufacturing industries in all sectors. This would grow our economy and give us true independence.

5. As a successful entrepreneur, what are your top 3 tips for managing a business well?

To be successful you have to stay focused on you mission. My top three tips to stay focused and win are; understand and master your daily business operations, follow due processes and take every business procedure as it concerns your industry seriously, and finally, understand that anything that is not in line with your mission and vision is a distraction.

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6. Where is the most beautiful city you’ve been to so far?

This is a hard question, but i’ll say Capetown, it’s natural beauty is God given.

7. When we see Leslie Okoye, we see a driven, hardworking and ambitious woman. Tell us something fun about you that not many people know about!

People say I have a very serious face. Truth is, I’m quite a chicken, I scare very easily. Its so bad, you can sneak up behind me in broad daylight and say ‘boo’ and I’ll probably scream.

8. You seem like one amazing mother! How have you been able to juggle motherhood and being a full-time CEO?

I take life one day at a time, however the key is to prioritize and organize. I know there are only 24 hours in a day to do things that would shape my future. So its me and my God first, family, then work, then everything in between. The key is not to stress out or work yourself up because while you may be freaking out, life must go on with or without you, so I just make it work. And anything that isn’t part of my master plan, is an optional distraction. I stay focused.

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9. Fitness, wellness and health are equally as important to you. Why is that?

Because I believe ‘Beauty’ is confidence. When I feel good on the inside, it radiates on the outside to the world. Confidence comes from within so as much as I take care of my skin on the outside, I have to nourish it from the inside as well. That is why I eat right, workout and try to live zen life. Also, when you are confident as you are, knowing you are healthy, fresh and fit, you have a positive outlook on life and show up to life with more desire to take on even the difficult situations life throws you.

10. If you could be fluent in any 3 languages, what would they be?

French, Spanish, Japanese

11. What quote has kept you going in your journey through life and your career?

Change is the only constant in life. Understand this and it would teach you to worry less, be patient, endure, be prepared, be flexible and be creative.

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