On September 13, we informed you of the disturbing physical assualt of MC Galaxy, that took place in Silver Spring, Maryland ,at a local club. The club was not known to be involved, just the promoters. Well, as we informed you, video footage was known to be taken, and an exclusive video was sent to rarolae.com.


The video footage starts off with MC Galaxy and the True Voice artist, with there manager’s, excited and preparing to perform their latest single later that night. This excitement quickly took a turn for the worst when Spotlite became infuriated. The video seems to have been taken AFTER the initial fight where T-Spotlite first did his initial attack on MC Galaxy, and when the cops finally got involve. However, the cops presence didn’t seem to deter promoter, T-Spotlite from displaying some interesting behaviors, as well as cursing out several involved and uninvolved individuals. MC Galaxy remained composed throughout the ordeal. Many promoters in the DMV have reached out to rarolae.com to apologize for this promoters behavior, as well as disassociate from T-Spotlite.


A prominent promoter in the DMV who wishes to remain anonymous stated,”This is an embarrasment for promoters in the US as a whole, and specifically the DMV. This has never happened before and should not be a representation of promoters in the DMV. We hope MC Galaxy is okay.”


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