For those of you who are not so familiar with this loveable season, Fall is all about dressing down, not looking too over the top, and keeping things a bit dark and simple!

Below are Raro Lae’s Fall 2015 must haves!

  1. Corduroys


The 60s and 70s trends keep making huge resurgences to fashion scenes every season, and corduroys are no exception! If you’re looking for an easy way to add a little vintage feel to your fall outfit, give your regular sweaters and jackets a break and opt for these trendy babies instead! Pair them with a pair of leggings or trousers to bring the look to life! Join in on the Corduroy movement and get yours HERE


2. Turtle necks


Turtle necks have been a fashion favourite for a long time now, but the most perfect time to rock them are definitely during the fall season! Not only are they extraordinarily simple and cute, they also keep you warm during the chilly fall days, making you look good and warm at the same time! Pair these up with frayed jeans and a pair of boots to get a complete fall look! Shop for the best turtlenecks sweaters HERE !


3. Pussy bow blouses


A pussybow blouse is something every girl needs to have in her wardrobe during this season. They scream FALL because they are elegant, simple and add a little bit of class to your overall look! Whether you’re opting for a thin ribbon or a full-on bow, these blouses couldn’t be more suitable for any corporate events you might be attending this season. Pussybow blouses are best paired with jackets or leather pants to add a bit of flare to them! Are you feeling this look? Click HERE to get shopping!

4. Boots


Knee high, splurge, biker or ankle, you can never go wrong with boots during the Fall!

These bad boys have the ability to pull an entire outfit together, and can make the simplest looks become a little edgier! While shopping for fall boots, be sure to look out for warm or dark colours such as brown, grey or black. Remember, fall isn’t summer, and so colour plays a very significant role in your appearance. Click HERE to shop for some of the trendiest fall boots!


Less is truly more in this fall season!


Photo sources – refinery29.com, babygizmo.com.


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