Fetty Wap Opens Up About Alleged Pregnancy Drama Involving Masika Kalysha

American rapper Fetty Wap is still insisting that the baby Masika Kalysha is carrying is not his child. In an interview with The Shade Room, the trap queen rapper expressed himself concerning the baby drama and also shared the first time he met Kalysha.

“I don’t even remember what party I was at, but my manager made me go talk to her.” Fetty said. “She knew what she was doing, I wasn’t just no random dude in the club. She knew I was going to be there and that’s how that happened.” He added.


He also confessed to having unprotected sex with Kalysha, stating, “I’m not going to lie. I did shit.”

“I guess she went around that shit,” he pondered, adding that “That’s how I know it was all planned out.”

Wap said after the incident, he went back to living his “regular life.” But this didn’t last for long; things were just about to get messy. “The next thing I know I get a text message, ‘What are you going to do?'”


Despite all the possible arguments and disagreements, Fetty stood his ground and maintained that he is not the father of Kalysha’s child. “It’s a lot of s–t going on with that right now,” he added. “Congratulations to her and whoever is the father.” the 24-year-old rapper explained.



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