Five Ways To Make Your Mornings Better And More Productive!

Photo Credit: Google
Photo Credit: Google

What are your usual morning habits? Rolling on one side and counting to three to get up? Hitting snooze on your alarm clock and going back to sleep? Fear not, fellow morning or not so much of a morning people!

Here are 5 morning tips that you can use to have a better morning.

The first tip is to make up your bed. Yes, we all know how our mothers tells us to make up the bed every morning . But oddly enough  by this simple act of making your room presentable, it allows you to feel calm and more prepared for your day.

The second tip is to keep your self hydrated at night. When you’re asleep, your body has been with out water for several hours.  When you drink water through out your morning you can consume the two eighths of water that your body needs to go through out the day. To get your body out of auto pilot,  drink some water.

The third tip is to plan out your day. When you plan out your day, it makes the day so much easier.

The fourth tip is to play the make music you love. By listening to music you love, especially if it’s motivational. it will help you to get your work done more efficiently.

Lastly, the fifth tip is to MOVE.  Body movement promotes circulation and releases endorphins. You can move in any way possible. Try a morning workout, or walking the dogs!

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