‘Hair Nah’ Is The New Viral Game Everyone’s Buzzing About!

If you’re someone that is tired of people touching your hair, ‘Hair Nah’ is the perfect game for you! The Portland-based art director Momo Pixel, 27 has created a free online game called ‘Hair Nah’ where players can swat away the hands of people attempting to touch a black woman’s hair!


The point of the game is to teach people how annoying it is to constantly have your hair touched by random strangers. Momo Pixel also created the game to alleviate stress for black women and bring awareness to this unnecessary problem.

Pixel took to Twitter and announced the game which immediately went viral. According to Pixel, the game has about 30,000 players.


“I was so shocked but proud of the response [to the game.] It really humbled me,” Pixel explained.  “I wanted to create something that was fun and had a light feel but it’s also serious as hell and I felt like a game would be hilarious for black women. For those who touch our hair, this is a moment for your ass to learn that this is not cool. It’s stressful and it’s anxiety [-producing]. I felt this was the best way to explain it.”

Check out some of the positive responses to Pixel’s game, especially from black women about how they love the concept of the game!





Source: Complex, hairnah.com

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