Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes!

Every girl has a unique type of face that should be adorned with the perfect hairstyle. Below is a comprehensive list of face shapes and hairstyles that go with it. Find yours, try it out, and marvel everyone that sets eyes on you!

Before we go on, let’s show you the different shapes of faces there are.


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Oval, long, round, square, heart and diamond shaped faces are all individually gorgeous, but having the wrong hairstyle can completely overshadow the true beauty in a woman’s face. Look in the mirror and determine what face shape you have, and then take notes on the hairstyle that’s most suitable for you!

  1. Oval Shaped Face Halle BerryThe look that would work best for a woman with an oval shaped face is chin-length curls or a bob. This hairstyle helps accentuate the face and bring life to the jawline. Feel free to add some bags to the hair too.
  2. Long face                                                                                                                         KellyRowland2                         A female with a long face should opt for a long, straight hairdo. This hairstyle will adorn the shape of your face almost perfectly because of the way it blends with the length of your face.
  3. Round face file_4507_selena-gomez-curly-sophisticated-black                     A curly shoulder-length hairdo is ideal for females with round faces. The hairstyle looks like it perfectly wraps itself around the face and brings a little playfulness into it.
  4. Heart-shaped & Square facesf18c6fc8f10b95ee3bad351099e04f34                         A neat or ruff bun is an ideal hairstyle for someone with a heart shaped or square face. These shape of faces are unique and the jawlines are usually very pronounced. A pulled back bun will accentuate the strong structure of these faces.
  5. Diamond shaped faceKerry-Washington_glamour_2mar14_rex_b_592x888                   A girl with a diamond-shaped face is advised to accentuate her cheekbones. Do this by making sure your hair is tucked behind your ears, and by avoiding bangs too. This face shape is unique and beautiful and can be brought to life with a simple curly hairdo that does not in any way come into the face.

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