Beyonce is rocking the box braids

Braids are can be protective styles for all types of hair, and also they are great in the summer time.

Its great to be able to let your hair breath from all the weave but still be able to protect your hair.

They act as a protective style because you are not putting heat on your hair are

constantly putting different type of products on your hair. Senegalese Twist  and Box Braids are

the most popular type of braids for a protective style you see your celebrity’s rock them all the time.

Senegalese twist
Ciara is rocking the cornrows

There is so many different type of braids you can rock such as the Box Braids, Senegalese Twist, Yarn Braids/Twist,

Havana Twist are great for the natural hair, and Cornrows are wonderful for a fast easy hairstyle.

Gabby is rocking an extension ponytail
Kim K is rocking a beautiful up do bun
Kim K is rocking a beautiful up do bun

Any type of extensions ponytails or putting your real hair into a high bun or ponytail

are amazing they work perfect because you can throw them on when you are in a rush. Yes! its a very basic

hairstyle, but you can always dress it up by putting on cute hand bands. Low buns or ponytails are also a option

it will give you more of a cleaner and chic look for the nigh life scene.


Flat Twist
Flat Twist
Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots
Flat Twist Updo
Flat Twist Updo

Flat Twist and Bantu Knots are ALSOME! I do these a lot on my customers. These are great protective styles

they are pretty and easy to do it works well on natural and straight hair.

Enjoy the video below on how to do Bantu Knots!

Thank you hope you enjoy!

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