Here’s Halle Berry Biggest Worry as a Parent

Halle Berry is coming clean about her fears as a mother.

While sitting down with E! News, she explained what steps she’s taking currently to ensure that her two children are able to thrive in a safer, better world.

“If I really set my mind to making change for my children, I can,” the Kidnap star says. In 2013 Berry and fellow actress Jennifer Garner worked to get a bill passed that would restrict paparazzi access to celebrity children. “I never thought I could do that,” she says despite the fact that “other celebrities said ‘don’t.'”

“I am strong enough to affect change,” she adds strongly.

Although she has concerns as a celebrity mother, she shares the concerns of everyday mothers as well. “There’s fears as a mom that I’ll make a mistake.” She admits that she’s worried her children will go to therapy in a couple of years and talk about her as a source of their problems.

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