Hmm! Donald Trump Jr. Defends @Kim Kardashian Over Mean New York Post Cover

One of Donald Trump’s sons came to Kim Kardashian’s rescue on Thursday after the New York Post ran a cover story mocking the reality star’s recent meeting with President.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star met with the Trump on Wednesday to discuss prison reform. Later that day, New York Post newspaper released a scandalous new cover that got the internet talking.

“The Other Big Ass Summit,” the cover read along with the phrases “Kim Thong Un pitches prez on prison reform” and “Trump Meets Rump.”

The commander-in-chief’s eldest son shared the cover on Instagram and defended the reality star in the caption. He also claimed there was a “double standard” in terms of how the media covers the Trump administration versus how it covered former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“Hate to always have to point out the obvious but you never got this kind of hate [when] Obama did his parading of celebs through The White House,” he wrote. “When he did it they were all amazingly subject matter experts. Why the continued double standard? Here a woman @kimkardashianwho happens to be a celeb has spent years on one case researching it funding legal defense funds but because she met with @realdonaldtrump about the issue that she’s taken very seriously, she’s mocked and criticized. If she did the same under the prior admin it would have been lauded.”

“It’s time to open our eyes,” he continued. “The BS from the media and left wing agenda really needs to stop. Just look at he numbers. @potus is crushing it. Imagine what he could do without the noise and with 1/10th the support from the MSM and others that Obama got. It would be truly remarkable… and that’s precisely what the other side is afraid of. #usa #america.”

Kim has yet to comment on the New York Post‘s cover.

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