Home Decor Guide: Beige!

In the world of interior design, merging two different colours is a must, and that is why beige is an ideal colour when decorating your space. For those of you who are torn between brown and white, don’t beat yourself up about it anymore; opt for beige instead!

Suitable furniture and accessories in this rustic shade can add a serene and soothing effect to your home. The varieties of beige makes interior decoration very easy because it’s not too bold and energetic, and neither is it dull or gloomy. It stands firm alongside bright and exciting colours and blends elegantly with softer neutrals.

Learn how to work some beige magic on the various spaces in your home!


Bedrooms need to possess an ultra-fine, tenuous and calming look, as well as a twist of your own personal taste. Opt for beige rugs, beds or curtains to warm up your space and make it look like a room full of creamy snacks! Other colours to add to your decor could be turquoise, white, black and purple.



Photo source – pinterest.com



A living room tops the list when it comes to the spaces that should be decorated with 100% effort. Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but incorporating the beige colour in your decor brings it to life with that classy, modern and luxurious feel! Beige furnitures should mostly be sofas, curtains and carpets. A beige backdrop is also a suitable option for an eclectic room with lots of colours!inspiring-beige-living-room-designs-1

Photo source – digsdigs.com


Photo source – realestate.com.au


Beige is an ideal option for a kitchen because of it’s warm, friendly and tender effect. Being a colour thats nearly infinite in its subtlety, beige is a favourite for modern and boho spaces. Cook up your best meals in your kitchen with ideas from the beige inspired looks below


Photo source – diy-kitchens.com


Photo source – cucina-kitchens.co.uk

Make your home the best place in the world by adding a touch of beige in every room!

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