@IcePrinceZamani Defends GF Maima Of Cheating Allegations, After Lagos ‘Big Boy’ Post Compromising Pics

This past weekend compromising and leading photos were revealed online, that Ice Prince’s girlfriend, Maima was cheating on him. 

The original photos that led individuals to believe she was dating Akinbode, who is a supposed ‘big boy’, which in the Nigerian culture means rich, are the photos below. It is apparent that the two are in the same location but did not post photos together. Many presumed this is because he’s married and has kids.



Ice Prince remained silent on these claims until Akinbode decided to post and delete the photos below.



As you can see, it is the married Akinbode and Maima, Ice Princes girlfriend posing together in the same locations they posted separately.

It is not clear why Akinbode would post these compromising photos considering he has a wife and kids, but it appears he felt compelled to.

Ice Prince replied once these pictures were posted, condemning the married, older individual. Ice is standing by his girls side, stating that looks are deceiving and those pictures do not reflect the real story.

He has not stated the real story, but one can only guess that perhaps it’s one of her friends dating the man, and she just came along for the trips, but was not involved. However, that is just a guess.

See what Ice had to say below.






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