@IggyAzalea Reportedly Sued For $300,000 In Credit Card Debt!

Due to recent reports, Iggy Azalea may not be so fancy after all!

According to TMZ, American Express is suing the ‘Black Widow’ rapper for $300,000 in unpaid credit card bills. The legal documents state that Azalea owes exactly $299,147.81, which is $250,000 over her American Express card limit, according to E! News. American Express is suing for the full balance amount along with additional legal fees.

The Australian recording artist also made headlines when she was hit with a $400,000 tax linen from the IRS for allegedly failing to pay her taxes back in 2014.


Iggy’s new album titled ‘Digital Distortion’ has no release date yet due to delays since July. Hopefully, the sales from the upcoming album can help with the due costs.

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