Basketmouth Interview with RLTV

Talks Basketmouth Uncensored Dysfunctional Tour, New Movie “Tough Film”, Upcoming Rap Album, The Odds/ The Psychopaths Rap Group Reunion, Reality Comedy TV Show, Music & Comedy (MAC) Tour, Nigerian Allstar Comedy Jam

Basketmouth sits down with RLTV and gives Raro Lae never before released exclusive information about his career and future projects. Basketmouth talks about the outcome and success of his international Basketmouth Uncensored Dysfunctional Tour in Europe, Africa, and North America. He also for the first time speaks of his latest movie he is starring in, entitled “Tough Film”. To the worlds surprise he announces the reunion of his rap group, The Odds, and informs RLTV that a new album is in the works, and will be released by next year. On the comedy side, the world should expect Basketmouth to be in a new reality comedy TV show, as well as in the Music and Comedy Tour, also known as the MAC Tour, and the SHAQ Nigerian All Star Comedy Jam. This is the year of Basketmouth and between 2014-15 we should be expecting a lot more from the African King Of Comedy.

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