If you’re confused at the title, trust me we were just as confused at the series of events. Today, Godwon took to twitter to beg Sinzu to unblock him so they could work together for the sake of money. Of course, this took the timeline by surprise because just a month ago he was the first to post an incriminating news story of Sinzu and insult him up and down his entire timeline. It was a quite ruthless effort, and certainly against rapper code. (Snitches Get Stitches)

But today, Godwon was singing an entirely completely different tune, ¬†apologizing to Sinzu publically and asking for him to unblock him on twitter. What we are wondering is… does Godwon not know how to contact him via phone? Because these timeline antics are certainly not going as planned and leaving Godwon looking somewhat.


Screenshot 2014-07-21 19.58.12

Screenshot 2014-07-21 19.58.22

This is when it gets interesting. After Godwon apologized, Ayo from Jaguda Blog replied saying Godwon saw the light, an innocent form of hailing and commending:


Screenshot 2014-07-21 19.58.47

Jaguda attempted to avoid conflict but it quickly got messy because it seems as if Godwon misinterpreted Jaguda and began recklessly lashing out with the following statements.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 20.06.40

Screenshot 2014-07-21 19.59.06


After searching for where these allegations came from it was hard to come to a conclusion, only¬†that perhaps Godwon is making it up or there has been a terrible misunderstanding. It’s not often we hear from Godwon but when we do.. he’s usually lashing out on someone. Hopefully we can hear this much energy in his next single.

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