Is Sia Actually Taking Singing Classes From Adele? Find Out!

Since Adele’s record breaking single “Hello” surfaced and topped charts around the globe, it’s no surprise that her fellow singers are eager to learn from her, and get an understanding of how on earth she does it!


Sia has joined the trail, and has apparently been taking career advice from Adele.

The 39-year-old Australian singer revealed that she has been struggling to get her live performances to match her audio recordings, and she has decided to get some advice from award winning Adele in order to combat the issue. “I can’t sing any of my songs in the key I originally recorded them in. I don’t know how those kids on The X Factor do it, it’s crazy how they hit high notes” the chandelier singer shared.

Sia’s decision to seek some help from Adele is but intelligent, and we hope to see some improvements on her live performances soon!


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