James Morrison Wants To Lose ‘Boring’ Persona


Broken strings singer James Morrison does not want to be perceived as a “boring” artist any longer!

The singer is worried that many of his fans think he is modest and boring because of his style of music, but Morrison is hopeful that their opinion of him will change after listening to his newest album ‘Higher Than Here’.

While in an interview with Magic Radio at the backstage of The Magic Of Christmas Concert, James revealed, “I said in the beginning I’d like to do something with a bit of sense of humor. My problem is that I’m quite quiet so I can come across as moody I suppose and I just want to level out people’s perceptions of me a little bit.”

“I think I have been sort of boring. So I wanted to do something that was fun and takes the mick out of the record industry and out of myself”

We are hoping that James’ new album truly exposes his vibrant and fun side a little more!

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