Jennifer Lawrence Is Always Disappointed On New Year’s Eve. Find Out Why!

While the rest of the world is happily celebrating the mark of a brand new year, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is busy moping on the corner on her own. As crazy as it sounds, Jennifer Lawrence indeed hates New Year’s Eve festivities!


The Oscar-winning actress admitted that the celebration always lets her down. While taping an episode of the Graham Norton Show, Lawrence shared: “I really hate it, I’ve never had a good one. Everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment”

She further added that she “always ends up drunk and disappointed”

Host Graham Norton and Jennifer Lawrence during filming at the London Studios, London of The Graham Norton Show which is due to be transmitted on December 31 at 2245.

As another New Year’s Eve festivity approaches, the Hunger Games actress stated that she doesn’t have anything planned. Nonetheless, we are keeping our fingers crossed that J-Law has a memorable celebration this time around!

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