Judge Denies Robin Thicke’s Request for Unsupervised Visitation To His Son

The court has shown they do not believe it when Robin Thicke says he wants to be a responsible dad.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton‘s ugly custody battle continued Tuesday in court, where Thicke’s legal team requested either “no monitor, a change in monitor or a ruling that said the monitor couldn’t make changes to the visitation” with their 6-year-old son Julian, two sources confirm to PEOPLE. The court denied all of his requests.

“Robin wants to spend as much time as possible with Julian, and he was upset because the monitor was trying to cut his visit time short, so his team went and filed to change to a new monitor, which was denied,” says a Thicke source. Last month, anL.A. judge granted Patton sole custody of Julian until their Feb. 24 court date and ordered Thicke to stay away from his son and ex-wife other than for supervised visitation three days a week.

In her response to Thicke’s request, Patton asked for Thicke’s visits to be halved, but the same judge denied her request as well, adds the Thicke source. However, a source close to the situation says Patton “had to show up but didn’t ask for anything” in court.

“Paula did not have to request that the court grant Robin court-appointed monitored visits with Julian three days a week but did so with the belief that maintaining a relationship with the father in the presence of a monitor to ensure his safety and well-being would be in Julian’s long-term best interest,” says the source close to the situation.

 “Stability and structure are of paramount importance for a child in Julian’s emotional state right now,” the source close to the situation continues. “A change in monitor would have disrupted any trust he built and would make him feel even more vulnerable with Robin. That would not have been in anyone’s best interest, including Robin’s, if his goal is to heal his relationship with his son. Continuously trying to change the arrangement or forcing a child to be with you against his will is not a way to repair a relationship and only serves to damage it further.”

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